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Welcome to the Gurl Shorts product website.

Welcome to GurlShorts.com – Wearable silicone shorts and shirts which will change your apparent body proportions and shape into a more feminine silhouette. The ultimate accessory for creating the most believable illusion of wider hips and an hourglass figure. With these products, you can have many more wardrobe choices, wear form fitting clothes, and feel more confident in your feminine persona. You can now have the shape you have dreamed of seeing in the mirror. No other products have ever been available that can do what these shorts and shirts can do. With these products, you can truly blur the barrier between fantasy and reality!

Proudly Made in the USARaja - Gurlshorts


*Please note that we are currently accepting orders through the store to USA and Canada customers only. For international orders, please contact us by telephone to place your order. Please see the contact section for more info.

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